New -Exciting-Innovative & Risk Free Way to Raise Money

Good Life Bed Sheets is excited to share with you our dynamic fundraising program that is designed to meet and exceed your organizations financial goals with speed, integrity, and style!

Whether you are a school, sports club, church, marching band or any group with a financial goal; our fundraising program is simply designed to offer your organization, as well as your supporters, the most rewarding fundraising experience possible. Risk free!

Whether you have a seasoned fundraising workforce or your team is new to the scene in raising Good Life Bed Sheets Fundraisingmoney; our Good Life Bed Sheets product is field proven to be a perfect addition to any fundraising schedule and establish a consistent source of revenue for any organization.

Highlights of our Good Life Bed Sheets fundraising experience.

  • No upfront investment costs or minimums
  • Highest profits per sale in the industry
  • Simple, straightforward and risk free
  • No time restraints; start and stop with ease
  • Customer approved high quality needed product
  • Highest customer re-ordering percentage in fundraising
  • Product warranty and excellent customer service

The Good Life Bed Sheets Product for Fundraising

Good Life Bed Sheets provides a long lasting, enjoyable product experience, and has a pleasant purpose in every home; and we allow you to use our product through our simple, and highly profitable fundraising program.

Good Life Bed Sheets are easily washable, wrinke resistant, stain resistant, moisture wicking, breathable, affordable, and most importantly soft with a luxurious feel. Our customers experience the same comfort and luxury associated with high end bed sheets that can retail for hundreds of dollars-at only a fraction of the price !

Made from premium high strength microfiber-yarn that is used in the production of many of today’s products from the majority of our clothing to upholstery and of course, bed linens. Having it’s early beginnings in the Spa industry, premium high strength microfiber-yarn has become extraordinarily popular in today’s market. With 1/100th the diameter of a human hair and 1/20th the diameter of a strand of silk, our Good Life Bed Sheets sheets are SUPER SOFT and LUXURIOUS.

Good Life Bed Sheets Product for Fundraising

  • Each Good Life Bed Sheets Set includes: 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, and 2 pillowcases.
  • Sizes: King, Queen, Full and Twin
  • Colors: White, Navy, Sky, Sage, Eggplant, Gray, Cream, Burgundy, Gold, and Chocolate
  • Fitted sheets have deep pockets to accomodate up to 18″ mattresses & elastic all around for a secure fit.
  • Machine Washable
  • Wrinkle Resistant: Go straight from your dryer to your bed
  • Color remains after many washes
  • Forms a protective barrier against dust mite allergens

Good Life Bed Sheets Fundraising OverviewGood Life Bed Sheets Fundraising Overview

Here are some of the finer details concerning our relationship together. We want to ensure that you have all of the information so you can focus on your fundraising goals and achieve them.


  • Organization/Buyer is financially responsible for the total amount of Good Life Bed Sheets sets ordered.
  • Organization’s cost per sheet set is $30 and that includes shipping and handling.
  • The suggested retail price that the Organization/Buyer should sell Good Life Bed Sheets for is $45-50 per set. Size options include:
  • King, Queen, Full and Twin. Each set includes: One Fitted Sheet (w/ 18″ deep pockets), One Flat Sheet, and Two Pillow Cases
  • The difference from your sell and cost amount is your organization’s profit of $15 to $20 per set.
  • Organization/Buyer will remit payment in full ($30 per set) to Good Life Bed Sheets agent for the total amount of sheet sets ordered, prior
  • to shipment of the sheet sets. If requested, we will process Organization’s credit or debit card for payment (processing
  • fee of 3% will apply for Mastercard /Visa/ Amex/ Discover.)
  • The tentative delivery date will be 7 to 10 business days from the receipt of an order and payment.

Send This Product Video to your Donor List to Raise Money

Iron-Clad Manufacturer Defect Warranty (Included with all Good Life Bed Sheets)

We are responsible for providing product and sales packets for you organization’s Good Life Bed Sheets fundraiser, as well as a limited warranty on all products. Any and all manufacturer defects or damages will be replaced immediately. Factory defects and/or damaged sheet sets will be collected by the organization and scheduled to be gathered by us at completion of the fundraiser. At no time will we be responsible for the cost, planning or staffing of the fundraiser.

Organization, including volunteer-fundraisers agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Good Life Bed Sheets, it’s respective agents, employees, officers, directors, successors and assigns, from any and all claims that may arise out of or relate to their fundraiser, including without limitation, any and all liability resulting or arising from the volunteer-fundraiser’s acts or omissions, and personal injuries or damages to property that may occur in conjunction with your fundraiser.

Hypothetical Fundraising Profit Examples

 If average person sells 12 sets of sheets with  $19 per set profit.    (1 case = 12 sets)
  • 10 people selling 1 case of sheets  =  $   2,280
  • 20 people selling 1 case of sheets  =  $   4,560
  • 30 people selling 1 case of sheets  =  $   9.120
  • 40 people selling 1 case of sheets  =  $ 11,400
  • 50 people selling 1 case of sheets   = $ 13,680
  • 100 people selling 1 case of sheets = $ 27,360

Fundraising Testimonial Letter:

Give - ReceiveI originally order a set of sheets off a discount website when I received my set of sheets there was a fundraiser flyer inside.

I loved the sheets so much that I decided to offer it to my daughter’s volleyball team. The kids weren’t excited about it but ALL the adults were thrilled! The sheets are great quality for a fair price and for each set you sell you earn $15.00. Wow it turned out to be a great fundraiser for our program we made over $1200.00 and not a lot of work. Anthony was in contact with me at least once a week and it was amazing customer service they gave us! Any issue we might have had was resolved quickly and I would recommend this fundraiser to anyone. It is truly effortless and profitable! Our customers appreciated a fundraiser that you actually got something useful and nice out of it.

Because we heard from so many people who received their sheets “Ahhh I wish I would of got 2 sets” we extend the date and placed another order!

Thank you!

Michelle Taylor – Reno Nevada


  • STEP #1 – Contacts Us
  • STEP #2 – Receive Information
  • STEP #3 – Start Fundraising
  • STEP #4 – Reach your Goals

For More Info Contact:
Anthony Chicklowski at 727-481-4108